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Monday, January 23, 2006

Screw NTIparis

It's near 12 now and I'm working tmr. I should be sleeping. But no, i'm still online. And no, i'm not playing any computer game. I'm in a dilemma now.

Screw N T I (no spacing in between). If you haven't know, it's a 'company' that practices MLM-Multi-Level Marketing. But apparently, it doesn't earn the bulk, if any, of its revenues from the sales of its products (which are redundant and unreasonably priced items like spa?!), but from recruitment fees. In a nutshell, it's basically earning based on recruitment and the products are just a front for the 'company'.

The problem comes when one of my friend got talked into it, and parted with like 1k+. He eventually got convinced by me and my other friend that this is an unethical busienss (you drag more pple into the shit so that you can earn enough to cover your losses) and essentially a scam. But apparently, he got talked into it again and got his 'faith' renewed.

According to him, N T I has now built/bought a country club and it's opening on the 26th January! They're invited for the opening ceremony! And for $200, they can become members.. which will costs $1000 when it's opened to the public.. A discount of $800 the management claims.

I did my own search online using Google. The country club appears to be called Morington Country Club. And it has been in existent since 2004, built by a company called Saniton. It's partially completed though, in its first stage of construction, with only a cafeteria and a gym (N T I also claimed that it's in the 1st stage of construction). Entries on forums dating back to 2004 tell of users complaining of the bad shape of the gym equipments and the dire situation of the 'club'. It also appears that the membership fees then was advertised to be $500 (now link this to the $1000 fee that's purportedly going to be sold to public buyers by N T I).

Just by the information stated above, in your opinion, is it a scam? It is to me. I think this $200 membership shit is probably a sign that they're going to run away soon, and is one of the last-ditched attempts to further milk money from undiscerning individuals.

It's a shame that the authorities and the general public have not been alerted to this ongoing fraud. As of this moment, i'm contemplating the possibility of calling the toilet paper and informing them of this issue. For now, I've identified a few important 'guidelines' that i'd need to observe should i adopt this course of action. Namely,

1. I'd have to get my friend's (the one who became a member) consent and ensure that they would not be able to trace anything back to him

2. The toilet paper would have to be informed before 26th, which is the 'grand opening' of the 'country club'. This is a godsend opportunity should they seek to delve deeper into it.

3. I'd have to do some homework on the company's doings and background so as to be able to convince the toilet paper into delving deeper into it.

I'd love to expose N T I to the public, but i realised my perspective may be skewed or limited and hence affecting my decision. Therefore, i seriously and urgently appeal for any feedback. And to JB, since you're the only person i know of who wrote to any papers, have you got any advice should i sought to contact the toilet paper.

Time is of the essence.

These people should not, and will not, go unpunished if they're indeed in the wrong.



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