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Saturday, January 28, 2006

update for Le God

wow wow. he's back. The God is back.

I must say this is great news in the run-in to the CNY. A prolific goal scorer and with the Liverpudlian spirit flowing in his blood, i'm glad he's back. it's like one big round later the prodigal son returns of sort. free transfer somemore. no doubt, he's no longer the same player dubbed as the most natural finisher in English football.


Seeing how he buried that shot against Man U in his comeback in the 3-1 Manchester Derby.

All i ask is, SONG BOH????????? wahaha..
he also scored a hat-trick in the FA Cup 3rd or 4th round against Scunthorpe.. i was following his progress all this while..

was doing some stuff then this news came so late in the night..abt 1am.

this will definitely keep Cisse on his toes. that bastard just made the news for assaulting his pregnant wife. ish not i want to say him, he getting from bad to worse liao lah.

btw, Man U is die liao lah. i help fill u all in.
now Scholes out for rest of season.. partial blindness better not joke around, still so young.. then Giggs hobbled out of the League Cup semi finals against Blackburn. Park still out. O'Shea out till March at least.

that match man u midfield already a big joke man. Richardson & Fletcher in central mid. power boh? lol..

now only left with a half-fit Smith, Ronaldo back from suspension, Fletcher and Richardson.. BLEH. fergie also precluded the possibility of loan moves.. wAhaha..

the future is bright for the Merseyside Reds and certainly bleak for the Red Devils.

anyway, congrats for reaching the League Cup final. if you haven't realised, this means Wigan is in to the UEFA Cup at least next season. wad a fairytale season this is proving to be.


i must say this. there was this thing going around after liverpool's loss at Old trafford.

"WHat were we doing against this bunch of fellows who aren't even European standard? OMG..."

lol.. this says it all. go on. go on to win the League Cup. while we go for 6th round. :P


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