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Monday, January 23, 2006

fack fack fack.

Liverpool lost. 1-0 at OT (Old Trafford) to Manchester United.

lol..sounds like a gracious loser posting his after thoughts?

wrong. FACK.

"No, not fuck
I said fack
fack fack fack facking freak me"

lol.. that's the lyrics of Eminem's song. i merely quoted him that's all. woo..

Watched the match, it was a bore. BTW, STOP READING THIS PART FOR IT'S ALL FOOTBALL. the pre-match hype was stiffling i believe, both teams not adventurous in going up, both gaffers look contented or a draw. Sven (England manager, yeah he was there.. but not for long anyway..) even left early around 70+ min as he expected a stalemate draw. thought so too.

Reds (the real reds, not some facking devils...wahahaha) dominated the 1st half. Yes. You heard it right. Dominance is the word. man utd had zilch shots at all, not to mention on target. whereas Reds managed about 5, 3 on target.. Always looked the more likely team to break the deadlock.

2nd half.. sian 1/2. Man Utd started to come back. Definitely. Saha on for O'Shea for a gr8ter variety of attacking options up front. Had too, Fergie cannot afford a repeat of the Manchester Derby. that will be calamitious. btw, Rooney is mad. go hack Sinama's legs for nuttin. Rio had a goal line clearance, and Cisse deserves to be shot. that's all.


on a totally irrelevant note, who said TNP is toilet paper eh? they do carry gd stories from time to time. check this out about Yao Ming. it's scary to think one's existence on this world is just part of a national breeding programme, and you're given dubious stimulants and all the facking supplements supposed to help you grow. kinda sad. but at least he's earning big bucks now, and revered by millions or make that a billion of Chinese. BUT, for every Yao Ming, there's bound to be a thousand left behind as botched products of this scary and ambitious scheme of the Communists. China is great.

Operation Yao Ming (TNP, 20 Jan'06)


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