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Monday, January 30, 2006


HCNY! The H stands for 'happy'. Give abbreviatives for Chinese New Year but leave out the happy infront. What's the problem? Don't you alway hear those wisemen say, do something must do till the end right?

Anyway, this is the 2nd time in my memory that i'm spending CNY in S'pore and not in some winter place (most probably China). Didn't join my parents for their trip to (no prize for guessing correct) China. Haha, don't ask me why my parents like to go there. I think 2 reasons probably are: 1. It's cheap 2. Their english cmi. But this is not to say that China is a sucky place to travel to. The image of stinking toilets which you've to squat no longer applies to the major cities, gone as well is the image of being swarmed by beggars (though i don't mind it actually, makes you feel like a king.. lol). However, its modernisation and prosperity has created an enlarged middle class in record time. This means more domestic travellers= well-known tourist attractions like the Great Wall being more crowded. Also, since China is such a large country, some of em probably never have any contact with the outside world.. so they tend to behave in a manner that outsiders may deem uncivilised. For e.g. they spit on the ground like nobody's business, and they like to cut queue (Like what LJH experienced at Hongky's Ocean Park) and talk at the top of their voice as though everyone has hearing problems.. like em? Haha. But there're alway black sheeps in every community, so we shouldn't jump to a conclusion. Generally speaking, it's a good place to go, be it to shop, go for spa (Shenzhen Queen's Spa) or for sightseeing. So i'd encourage you to go before the value of RenMingBi rises any further.

Anyway, spending CNY here is seriously boring for me. I find visiting distant relatives a chore, since i'd probably end up staring into blankness or trying to amuse myself, mostly at the expense of others, as i don't really know any of em. So this year, i'm not going to visit any of my extended family, apart from my grandparents and immediate uncles/aunties. What about the hongbao money? C'mon! They don't give much to near-strangers! Anyway, i'm not that desperate to trade 1-2hrs of my time for that $4 or something. But that still beats the $0.50/hr NS is paying NS-men huh.. lol. More impetus for NS-men to visit relatives i guess. Haha. As a result of my self-imposed isolation, i'm flushed with spare time and am typing crap here now. Perhaps i should go tidy up my stuff huh.. Make a to-do list.. Or maybe go read the Bible? Haha. Hey.. I'm very pious okay?! lol.. Self-praise.

And oh, the class gathering on Friday was fun. Too bad for LJH and LJB! lol. Hopefully if time permits, we'd have another one soon. Till then, take care!

From Your Excellency



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