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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

< end > hiatus < /end >

Hey ppl, long time no post ^^;; So, what in the world am i doing here after disappearing for god-knows-how-long? To let you know i'm still alive of course!

...nevermind, forget i said that.

Anyway, i just hadnt been able to pluck time out from my precious weekends to blog the last couple of months thus the long period of AWOL (or i just couldnt be bothered to, so sue me.) I just finished my class 4 driving course and my weapons course doesnt start till end of Aug - which makes me one of the lucky few in my batch to get my three stripes the last. Wow, well done SA.. nvm, you get my drift. From what i gather, the ASLC guys are coming back from ROC this weekend, so we've (me and my fellow CPLs) been wondering for the past two weeks what the heck are they doing there besides freezing their bottoms off. Its kinda ironic really. When BSLC ended, almost all of my buddies (yours sincerely included) wanted to get out of SISPEC and get a taste of slacker and better unit life. Looks like we were right on half the equaton. Damn. Contrary to what many believe, unit life is not slack.

Just kidding, mine is. lol. But trust me, its nowhere near as fun as 'rushing mountains' with your section mates. Man, i really miss the good old days in Foxtrot. Not with all the bloody bengs outside who irritate the hell out of you and dont give a shit to that measly rank i worked to obtain for 10 solid weeks. Wx will understand. Crap, its nine already and i have to leave house to get back to my unit. Wanted to type more, but i guess you guys have to wait a little longer to be enlightened but what i have to say. lol. Till next time then. ron out.


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