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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

welcome welcome~~ fark u if u read this :> wahahahaha

welcome welcome.
it took me quite a no. of posts to realise there's no Title for this template.

lol.. wx with his usual crap again. but nice jolt back to reality. & the true-but-not-so-nice fact about them enjoying only a short breather before going back tmr or rather today..

so far all come back all bery the vulgar boys. expect the sirs to unleash the bad boy side in you all.
only jinhan. ppl is become more crude he's still the same as ever. same limited vocab, same few words.

u've all embarked on your long 2 years. transition from boys to men eh? lol..just dun come out with the feeling of complacency, thinking that you ku jing gan lai liao. that was a main grouse of uni girls of their male counterparts.. lol..but true wad..quite natural feeling.

btw, i be gd buddy. give u all crucial news update these few days.

Saturday night: Luton 3-5 Liverpool.
i dun want to say much. but coming back from 1-0 up then to concede 3 to 3-1...then finally win 5-3. POWER! Alonso scored 2 injury-time goal from his own half that trickled in. wOO~

Sunday morning: Project Northstar V
"successful" as described by our dearest PM Lee. crap i say. i think he worry too much about his white horse is it? btw, i heard from friends army..the database of all the NS men right... those power ones really got this WHITE HORSE prancing with two legs pose to their names. kinda hilarious i must say.

Sunday night:
Lowly minnows Burton Albion hold Man Utd to a dour goalless draw. lousy match.
the imperious Leicester came back from two nil down to win 3-2 against Tottenham. goes to show one thing. FA Cup upsets affect everyone, but Liverpool ain't just anyone.
Power. European Champs.


SHOO! you all go back enjoy ur island life. lol.. ok ok.. my turn coming soon.


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