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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hongkong photolog™

Wx, i liked that post alot. thanks.. kinda rekindles those fond a fitting full stop to our last 2 years together? Gay.
knn..u post so many pics of me? an lian me eh?? (really crap, the template doesn't allow chinese wods?) say so lah. i didn't take so many candid shots though. but thought i might as well post it here a few gd shots by me.

stark contrast. one chao ah beng with his finger, one all *demure and cute* with pose

roland (the pic u requested, sry for taking so long) with 2 adorable *must be careful not to use the tainted 'cute' word to describe them also* kids on mtr..refuse to take photos siah..

hongkong island by day. look at that awesome sky backdrop. sometimes, i think i'm a prodigy in photography.. LOL

a busy street at night.. the city all buey koon one..

district of peace and calmness.. the pic's alluring lighting draws you to the scene

ocean park's roller coaster...view from the ferris wheel. cool view of the setting sun on the waters.

my nat geographic moment. their underwater world lah.

genius at work again.. LOL. the view along the cable car route lah..

dua pai panda. lol..jh, rol, bel & me arrived too late.. he already munch on shoots like quite long.. after that 6pm sharp he auto go back cctv got show the bears lying on their designated rooms one.. quite farnie.. reminds me of the 'Eats, Shoots, Leaves' joke.


i think i posted quite alot? nice sharing with u all also.. since u all going into tekong liao. SO SAD RIGHT?

acty wanted to post a couple of vid clips.. but yousendit (YSI) wasn't too kind with me. so next time perhaps. and i apologize for the poor pic abit pixelated..'cos from flickr to blogger like will compress for u.


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