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Thursday, January 05, 2006

auld lang syne

au lang sai.

bye bye..this entry is dedicated to all those leaving mainland singapore tmr.

so sad eh? must keep this blog going eh?

i think bookout day everyone should be same. so meetup ai mai?
this is week 0..week 2 is 21 jan sat... hey..nubbad. 22 jan is man u vs liverpool. sad eh all those manure fans.. night time u all book in liao.. cannot watch.

*kua* *kua* *kua*.......

want to see u all botak
other than one psycho gei kiang za za go cut liao. go in confirm tio par.

ok lah. serious. wish u all gd6 inside. behave urself. dun gao gay, then everything alright liao.
stay out of trouble and dun sign confinement for the stupidest things.

'cos my bro said his bunkmate.. dunno wad mistake..go sign... when sign, he sign out of the box..
double blow. really tio owned. so u all 醒目 abit eh?

It's goodbye. Farewell to all the faggots out there.


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