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Saturday, January 07, 2006

now worries...

for we'll post more lor?

anyway, last night i did message all (i believe) who went in ytd..
that included xijie, damien, benlim, fengquan and of course our 2 crapsters, ron and JH also.

sent them msg to encourage them lor. tot they needed it. 'cos i know and heard first night in always feel damn sian 1/ reality just sank in lidat, so feeling down is kinda expected.

and the thing is, all of them replied me. ONLY that cheehong JH nv reply. he nv bring handphone meh? weird leh. also he purposely one. he v not fren one leh. fq's in the same bunk with damien. they 2 same coy with benlim.
ron's beside theirs too. no idea abt the rest though.

but damien told me yeah..they indeed coming out for Hari Raya Haji.
so i think Monday night u girls can go find ur boy boy liao lor?'s hock & roland's turn. the latter still send me those msg, with a specific reminder not to wish u all gd6 also. take care.


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