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Thursday, January 05, 2006

last words

hey, my turn to post already muahahahaha. come to think of it, only half of crapping stop is going away what, so the other half better keep the site up and running! last day of normal civilian life, and as expected, i dont feel comfortable about the whole idea at all (although i'm not a cynic lol.)

some ppl mentioned that we might be able to come out on Hari Raya but not confirmed. some ppl also say that PM Lee's son is going in tmr or the day after cos he retook his NAPFA, but also not confirmed. rumours aside, the fact is those who are going in are in for some serious shit (me included), but i seriouslly hope that we'll get used to it soon enough. as for the rest of u faggots/mofos/gays who are going in 4 mths time, better train hard if not you die. muahahahaha.

ok thats all. adios. dont miss me.

p.s. oh ya, i cut my hair too and i wear a cap out. does that make me gay? lol.


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