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Monday, January 09, 2006

Self-glorifying bullshit

When The Cold Wind Blows

In the early morning run
With a full pack on my back
With an aching in my head
And my shirt is full of sweat

I'm a long long way from home
And i miss my lover so
In the early morning run
When the cold wind blows

When the cold wind blows
When the cold wind blows
When the cold wind blows
And it blows blows blows. (SweeKeat must be amused now)

To those back from NS:
Heyhey, a few days only hor! Don't happy happy ar! It's just an illusion only! Savour it while it lasts! lol~

Haha, a nice jolt back to reality. This is what a true friend should do, to remind you all of the harsh reality, to prevent you guys from slipping into a false sense of blissfulness and to save you from the psychological trauma when the truth finally caught up with you and your whole fantasy gets ripped apart...

Ahh, what a load of self-glorifying bullshit that fits in perfectly with the theme of our blog: crap.

Mmm.. no point asking you guys what's happening in NS (National Shit-hole) since the rest of us gonna experience it in a few months time too and we'll alway be unprepared despite whatever sage advice given to us. Different companies, different shit you see.. Anyway, i'd figure out that at least one of the people around us would burp out the whole 3 days experience on their own, without anyone asking. So for the rest, let's utilise your free time for something more worthwhile.. like sleeping, or going out with gf/bf (You never know...).

Actually wanted to talk about my working experiences, but i'm just too tired after standing for 7 hrs straight... A reminder that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Maybe we'll meet up again after you guys have finished BMT? Till then, take care!



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