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Friday, January 06, 2006

concluding post of last night's crap.

Ah.. by now most of you should have set foot on Tekong. Look at the beautiful scenery by the shores, and enjoy the cooling breeze as you make you way from the ferry to the auditorium.
Look at those swaying palm trees on the coast, exquisite chalets by the sea. Be grateful for living in such property in mainland SG will cost you literally millions to speak of.

Wahaha..crap. since you all book in rather early, i think most of you will cut hair by tonight.
they were saying, b4 cut you go arnd make those friends, self-intro etc.. after cut, you can recognize none of them liao... lol..this is true.

rubbish eh. i can sense your cynicsm. but for everyone's info, SG may have one of the best prepared military defence in SEA, but it will ultimately tio pwned by the other big boys. our air force consider all the French Raphale, US fighter jets all that.. is yesteryear's technology le. you want really state-of-the-art stuff look no further than the weapon-making countries themselves. they phase out all these stuff like we like tot got cheap sales all swarm to buy their products, thinking we can also join their ranks as elite nations with super weapons. our navy seems impressive, but when you consider how the gahmen made a big hoo-haa over our first submarine purchase frm Sweden, you will realise how small and vulnerable we really are. Ppl have hundreds or even thousands for goodness' sake. We can only laugh.

to JH:
you're gay for whoever's sake. GAY. when you come out do read this post yeah? some gays eh, v scared of exposing their in front of others like to act macho, and v knowledgeable abt certain stuff like Momo etc... lol!!! this is gd man.. he can't defend himself until 2 weeks later.

to Ron:
yeah..i think u can come out on Hari Raya Haji. that's a must. it's a public holiday leh. you mean those malays no need to come out? surely must one. and they can't possibly leave the other races behind. this one is confirm have one.
and the PM Lee's son thingy, i tot it was LKY's grandson leh? (may be diff ppl eh)
no..? but i heard he went in during december ptp intake oreally..then ppl were saying which pe teacher so bold to fail his

Wish u all luck and have fun~~~


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