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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ah lim.. tsk tsk

(At any one time if you feel uncomfortable due to the content, pls exit this site and spare both you and me any consequences that may arise. You've been warned.)

Trust you to say those unpatriotic, unsympathetic, irresponsible words... Imitating those religious fanatics, i condemn Swee Keat's statement to the "7th level of Hell"... or any inspiring', profound' quotes from homemade videos such as those starring Osamama.

Where's the feeling of nationalism that the Singapore goverment keeps harping on? Where's the pride in the Singapore Armed Forces? After all as what the advertisements have proclaimed, aren't we one of the best, if not the supreme armed forces in SE Asia? Should we not feel proud that we are able to be a part of such an elite force!!

Look! The planes and helicopters in the Air Force are among the most sophiscated in the whole world today. F16, apache, the list goes on.. The toilet paper and State's Times even published relevant articles which gave us an insight into the unparalleled prowess of these war machines and the massive scale of destruction they are capable of! Being well-informed of the Air Force's immense capabilities, all the more we should take pride in them though these planes are stationed in places as far away as South America.

Ahhh, the SingaporeNavy also reign supreme on the seas. Though not as powerful as the Air Force, the Navy have developed stealth frigates that are hithero unheard of in SE Asia! As of the moment, the Singapore Navy already has a imposing fleet of three (or is it two?) such vessels that rules the oceans! With awe-inspiring names such as the RSS Courageous, should we not feel equally proud of the Navy too?

Last but not the least, we've the Land Forces. C'mon, surely you've seen the Army21 advertisement, with the tanks, chinooks and troops attacking a enemy outpost, guided by intelligence provided by a satellite. Well, we should not doubt that the Armed Forces has at its disposal, a satellite that is on par with GPS of the Americans and the recent launched Galileo of the Europeans should we? And for the observant audience, the fact that the tanks shown in the advertisement have guns, not cannon turrets, should not be perceived as a sign of weakness.. It's more suited for combat in terrain found in SE Asia, as purported by the Armed Farces, oops.. Forces.

So in the face of such overwhelming and credible evidence, we as Singaporeans, should hold our heads high! Males entering NS should take pride in the fact that they are about to join such a prestigous instituion and should also look forward to the fulfillment of their sacred responsibilty to the MotherLand. I'm well awared that some may be slightly disturbed by the seemingly high number of causalties among the NS-men. But sadness, worries and anxiousness should not be the feelings that we associate with these happenings. Rather, we should be happy and consoled as we know that such worthy men, who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Motherland, will be honoured by the Almighty God and go to Heaven and be rewarded with countless vir...! Hence, we should look upon them as role models and strive to emulate them!

Therefore NS-men, during your 2 years in the Army, do not slack or be distracted by unworthy things. You must push forward, chiong in everything you do, volunteer for every tasks.. be it to wash toilets or find a coin in the field! In your sparetime, clean your bunk with the toilet paper provided! Let not a speck of dust ruin the name and honour of your platoon!

All of us have only one shot at life. So let's make full use of these 2 years and not live to regret! For it's in the Army where "boys become men, and men become heroes" (like those who made the ultimate sacrifice)!!!

Haha. I'm a cynic. So beat it, you faggot.



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