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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lim Swee Keat is a racist! All indians and malays out there beat him up on sight! Declare jihad on him! Rid the world of his existence!

No joke okay. This is a credible claim. For evidence, look no further to his 'driving licence' post. In it, caucasians are labelled as "foreign talents", foreign indian/blangladeshi workers= "bangra". Bangra.. must be derive from that tv advertisement for the CD 'Turn up the bangra'. The ills of the mass media.. Swee Keat, why this degrading term? Where's the respect? Can't you just put something into their shirt pocket? (Don't get it? 04s42 guys' joke la) Aren't they not foreign talents too? I'd tell you, yes they are! Tell me.. who is more talented than them in cementing the bricks? Who is more talented in operating the bulldozers? Who is more talented in moving the steel bars? Even in terms of driving, they reign supreme i'd tell you.. Not those F1 racers. Just look at them blazing on the expressways and the streets on the huge construction lorries!

Therefore, don't deprive them of the respect that's due to them! Put yourselves in their shoes man... or boots. If they see them on the streets, or at your void deck in pairs, don't avoid them as though they're some plague. Instead, put something.. like a piece of scrap paper or used tissue, into their shirt pocket ok? Be a man, do the right thing.



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