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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

basic theory driving test. (IF you're reading this, fark you)

Yesterday, I went to the Ubi Comfort Driving Centre to take my Basic Theory Driving Test..

well, it was quite surprising that the entire lot of 40+ candidates right.. i think only 4-5 others are of my age group? I see alot of middle-aged men & women instead.

There was also the odd Caucasian who took to convert his foreign driving license.. Foreign talent in SG want to drive car too one you know..

And ALOT of bangras taking it too. Seeing them produce work permit, passport etc for verification, can tell is their employers want them to become drivers for work.

about the test, it was a breeze. Really. if you taking it soon (Razak u these few days also right?) don't bother go read it thru so many many times. i went thru it once and it was during the Chelsea's match too.. it was sufficient liao. they merely tested alot basics and common sense stuff, but you also must memorise certain critical info lah..

like bus lane hours, cannot stop within 9m of bus stop, 6m of traffic junction, and of course some basic signs etc. and of yeah, i think this sure come out everytime.

car turning right in a junction must always give way no matter wad.. then u read the roundabout one also. that's it. you can walk out in 15mins altho' the stipulated duration is 50mins. instant results once you end the test. the lcd touch screen display not that responsive though. abit slow.

talking abt bangras, now XX like dua teow already. in deep shit for her comments, actions etc.. at etc. read it from the forums one.. even ytd''s Today got a Commentary full-page section devoted to her controversial comments regarding the "foreign workers + faux snow spray cans" entry.

btw, i got some good shit to share:

wx..u see this pic b4 anot.. surely u didn't realise the pic turn out lidat so hilarious right.. wahaha.. i die die must put in
friendster..laugh till peng. fQ's pose also damn.. no comments.


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