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Monday, January 16, 2006

1-dollar man

Introducing SGH's newest crowd-puller: The 1-Dollar Man

Haha.. More like SGH's newest demented soul. That's the nickname my friend and i cooked up for this beggar at the mrt exit. Intellectually challenged, lunatic, demented beggar, who as the nick suggested, begs passerbys for 1 dollar. If you're lucky/unlucky enough to bump into him (the traits: intellectually challenged/demented, are visibly manifested on his face), he would come up to you hold up a dollar coin, and say: "One dollar". According to my friend, this shows that the demented soul is actually quite smart too. B'cos he straight away ask for 1 dollar. Imagine those beggars who never specify any sum, they'd probably get a lot lesser than him.. Therefore the 1-dollar man is just an intellectually challenged turd, but not an intellectually disabled jackass! Wow~ Beggar wanna-bes out there better take note huh!

Anyway, the interesting part is when you reject him. From our 'studies', he would not have any eventful reaction if the other party appears scared/intimidated/to have no capacity to sponsor this parasite/genuinely don't give 2 hoots about him... oh, or if they're females. But to males who appears to have the money for him to loot and don't seem to take him seriously and brush him off, he would take a few steps away then shout something in your ears.. which is bloody irritating. During our first encounter, i waved him off and in return got the retard shouting "One dolllaaarrrr". Then today on the way to work, my friend and i spotted him way ahead. Today's his turn.. Haha, so he walked closer to the dollar-man and turned him down by saying "Don't want." The answer was a piercing, equally retard-sounding shout: "Don't wannnttt". Knn. Another 'Parrot'... Another of my pet peeves... The 2 malay ladies behind me became so intimidated like they've just saw a moaning ghoul, which they did, and they hurried past us and the ghoul... lol. Amusing sight.

Someday he's gonna get it from us. No one should condone the existence of such a pathetic parasite who only exists to loot and harass the public. No one should also be dumb enough to patronise him and hence encourage his bad habit and undesirable behaviour. But it's their money and their perogative... and it doesn't help that a number of SGH employees are kind people. Oh well. Guess they've a right to act foolishly, and they're not to be faulted for being dumb and undiscerning.

Someday la... Someday. But till then, we're gonna have some fun watching his erratic behaviour and seeing other people getting frightened off and shouted at. We'll probably get into the action ourselves too. Haha. Come to think of it, begging is actually a crime right... and opposite the mrt station is a large police compound with guards stationed around it. So much for safeguarding public order and security... lol.

But seriously.. if you're one of those with loads of time to spare, i'd recommend you make a trip down to outram mrt station to have a first-hand encounter. It's like sighting S'pore's very own Loch Ness Monster. lol. Both are similarly elusive (only 2 sightings so far) and both are monsters.

Hahaha... "Onee dollllarrrrrr"



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