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Sunday, August 20, 2006

time for some interesting reads...

It's my off-days looming ahead.

was surfing the forums..and certain sites.. fished out a few intriguing sites for us to read and ponder over.. since some of them are truly close to us.

i was going thru the memoirs of sorts of this commando who's kinda old already, but still quite updated.. seems a pretty gd site for those to have a sneak peek into the life of the elite forces...

Life at the Home of the Commandoes

and from there i chanced upon this interesting read abt the Tanjong Rhu estate which must be v close to the hearts of all Dunmanians..or maybe me particularly so as sat afternoons were always spent walking the backgate thru the abandoned fields of sorts across the bridge to Kallang's Mac/KFC for lunch.. or the run-down hawker at Jalan Batu for the limited variety of food available b4 it was up for upgrading. The last year of our sec 4 life saw us patronising there with lesser frequency but still, it brings those memories flooding back..

The Mysteries & Memories of Tanjong Rhu


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