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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

happy national day....

Ah hah.

just as everyone was busy with their lives, be it celebratin' their few years of existence on Earth or grumbling abt the server maintenance ala the German boy who smashed his keyboard to smithereens (over-played freaky video on the Net), there I was standing by the gate, rifle over shoulders, PROTECTING the camp once more.

it was the 2nd duty in 6 days, not extra or wad. just roster deemed it so as we're passing out.

I'll miss prowling Ayer Rajah camp (ARC). but not Glucocester camp (GC) the tiny camp with just a few VIP sedan cars and that's it. cos the Supply/Transport camp is also covered by us.

ARC is kinda big.. and i recalled the first time we walked the route it felt forever. really 45mins each for outer 'n' inner. but it was nice, 'cos u would have the chance to walk past lotsa stuff..

Like the many rickety tanks on Tank Lane, or always talk abt the potential xmms to be seen in the swimming pool in Tanglin int sch beside our camp.. or beo-ing the nearby factory for any outgoing lao chios getting off work at this late hour... memories. but the last two has been fun. smack in the Lunar Seventh Month, with us spreading lotsa stories in jest to convince the others putting them for sentry was in the best of their interests.

Like how last night was Yuan Xiao Jie, the 15th of the month. where the full moon blooms in its full glory, and the spirits are at its most 'powerful'. lol...

Funny incidents aside, there were freaky moments too like how the bloated rubber gloves held on to the window sill like some dismangled hand beside the checkpoint.

Somehow we were in high spirits.. sleeping v little. taking turns to accompany each other on sentry, talk cock, and play the xbox! playing winning eleven in camp is always gonna be different.

but the low note though, was that i gan sian kena sentry at wrong time. but fair some nv got to prowl b4. all the bloody ndp ppl started streaming in from 6-8 to draw arms from our camp.. wanna slack abit also cannot.

ok, this was only intended to be a short entry. gotta do some work for the season is resuming, and also some reading for suddenly war diaries are kinda appealing to me.

one final note,


until next month that is.


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