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Friday, August 18, 2006

Quotes of wisdom

Hello there. BSLC's ending in a week's time. So shall take this opportunity to share with you guys some memorable quotes/phrases that my coy's OC/2IC have said during my course.

Take note, this is how a leader, esp one from Army: The Decisive Force, should speak eh. *Cough cough*

OC: The Wing Comd likes to compare the different companies, but here in Char*** we don't compare.... .... .... Delta IPPT 50 gold, Brave 40 gold, Char*** only 28 gold. So you all don't come and ask for night off ah.

2IC: Gentlemen, Warrant Felix has just mentioned the safety points alr and i don't want to repeat. BUT i want to say again...

2IC: I will only take 2 mins of your time (reality: >30 mins)

Not forgetting the beloved Sergeant Major's analogies of Be the Devil and Eat Shit Poop Rice. I shalln't bother to explain em here, it's too time consuming. Just let you know that such things exist..

Mm... Clearly the nature of our Army is reflected in these leaders' quotes of wisdom..
Such contradic.. *cough* decisiveness!!
Such inefficien.. *cough* efficiency!!!
Such stupi... *cough* thinking soldiers!!!!!!

Army 21: The Decisive Force. 3G Army. Thinking soldiers. lol. Enough said.



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