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Thursday, August 24, 2006

my round-the-island trip...

Today was a personal milestone of sorts.

it was like, a rare 3rd or 4th time i took the train all the way to Boon Lay back and forth?

Initally i was v disgruntled by the fact that a couple of us had to travel all the way from East to the Western tip of army $@^!! cb.

wad bloody red tape and what ATTS shit. now the ppl who aren't supposed to be in the West are there, and vice versa. 5 ppl are tagged together..and will chiong sua together till they up all together until ROD. so cannot split.

then 2 guys going to air base units after that take up 2 slots. then the 2 primary candidates.. total 9 liao.

and that marks the total allocation for East, with Bedok Guards camp being the main one for now..

and altho' i'm the reserve for overseas.. i hafta make my way across the island every single day and evening.. there were little choices. East Zone was filled.

and no way u want me to go Kranji or Mandai. that north zone got sungei gedong and tat's scary enuff.

so Jurong in Boon Lay it is.. till my OJE ends after two months at least.. high chance will remain here.. but i pray not..

the people are nice here though.. saw alot of familiar faces esp in the 3 signals bn here...
even the guard 2ic for today also my dunman

so far so gd. it's still on the steep part of the learning curve..

at ayer rajah all we learned were stripping/assembling, FFF, basic repair stuff.. wad shld indent, wad send to base.. wad condemn beyond repair..

but now we must know much more.. since we're essentially the base technicians... must bao ka liao.

and just realised that got lotsa roles available here..hope i kena the driver role in our small team groups....can really spend 2 months learning sth v worthwhile all paid by the army

the mscc course for sect comd must stay in one month... kinda like spec course but not so jialat lah.. but think it's kinda hard now.

ok.. sometimes after u sort out ur thoughts u'll realise, perhaps after all, everything's just not so bad after all.

just that transport is going to get even more ex.

and i hafta get up even more early at 0530.

but the somewhat our oc that every morning can sit mrt beo charbohs till gao gao.. -.- some kinda advice u'll expect frm ur oc there.


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