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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Saw Benlim's post on the changes in our uniformed organisation.. read these changes in the forums too.. Speculation is rife and all, abt increasing annual leave to 21, rise in pay thru'out all levels and the much-hyped Corporal First Class (CFC - chelsea? lol...)

It's even in Wiki under Singapore Armed Forces ranks:

"The rank of Corporal First Class is currently being implemented. It will be awarded to deserving Corporals who are unable to be promoted to the rank of Third Sergeant due to establishment requirements."

Some claimed it is already in practice.. approx 20% of the better-performing CPLs getting it in the unit etc.

It marks a return to the 90s when Private First Class and CFC were still in vogue until the restructuring came about. It looked like this:

Image Hosted by

It's kinda sensible too.. cos NSFs yearn for recognition and often underpaid to do jobs that are higher level.. NSF Sgts doing the work of regular Sgts, the latter doing the work of WOs.. officers etc.. the list rattles on. My vocation also had to 'downsize' after almost all were found to qualify for 3SGs in the end w/o even breaking into sweat.

Some also say the recruits' $450 pay is implemented already. Others say it'll be Feb/April 2007. Speculation speculation speculation. To the extent some said the directives & stuff were all out.. just a matter of time, whereas others alleged the wise ol' s.a.f. couldn't be so muddle-headed and allow such talk undermine its image.. after all, the reduction in NSF liability from 2.5 to 2 years came like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

CFC rank will definitely get arnd $30-$40 more than the average CPL. that's all we know for now.

Meanwhile, more changes have been implemented as say goodbye to ur Skeletal Battle Order (SBO) and 'x-mas tree' field pack. The Load Bearing Vest (LBV) and a revamped, more spacious field pack already being put into use with the newer batches of recruits..

That's all. For those who are wondering what's all the buzz about.


On a side note, Muse is really good. Fans proclaim it's godlike. Dunno. but Starlight is nice. certainly ranks right up there with redhotchilipeppers.

Also check out this vid on youtube. bet u've heard this jingle b4. Daft Punk was the original Gorillaz, using cartoon caricatures and all... the lyrics are decent too.


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