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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forecast: Rainy days ahead

March/April BMT intake is coming again! Woo~ Upside is we can finally see our batch's poly kias suffer in NS. Yay! (Provided they dun get pes C/E/F) Downside is that means work for instructors like me.


Gonna go back to Khatib Camp again, see people i only want to see dead and get involved in more political backstabbing. Yes, political backstabbing. No typo. Even within my present pathetically small div HQ building it has already happened between the various branches, nt to mention in Khatib Camp where the overall HQ is and there're more eyes watching us. This grp of regulars, especially the WOSPEC, are just waiting for a chance to discredit one another so as to gain an upperhand in getting promoted. This is probably less common among commissioned officers, as their rice bowl is more or less guaranteed.

Better still, our OIC just informed us that the intake strength shd be increasing from current 240 to about 300, when 1 of the regular spec has been posted out (no replacement yet), another going for surgery that's gonna reward him with a 6 weeks MC and a handful more still continuing to chao geng, eat snake, sleep in bunk and complain (not joking type, or talking bird language) that they do a lot of work.

Perfect storm brewing... Johor is gonna get flooded again.


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