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Sunday, September 10, 2006

wx posting quite alot here.. time to do a check..

more busy nowadays, cos my workload has increased.. but the money's good. so no complaints. my pay is finally over the 1k mark each month.. but of cos lah, can't compare to all those OCS-kias right? i is moonlighting one.. not like our friends here...

"ur pay 300 plus right..? orh.. ok lah."

"mine not alot.. just 736 nia."

farking hell. i'll rmb this frm damien always. make it sound so nonchalant. and i rmb he gave me exact figure nia, down to the cents. is 20c iirc. heck.

but ok lah.. now in new unit..not permanent posting.. but getting to understand more. realised some masters and warrant is v zek ark one.. u hear alot horror stories.. like one particular bunch of seniors go send key at 1, sign as 4, then zao liao. kena find out, almost kena forced into db. wtf. this kinda of offence make until so jialat. verbal warning or extra chance also cannot.

hahaz.. nubbad lah. sometimes lull period is really relac.

meanwhile, long time nv surf blogs/forums online for interesting stuff.. but last week's sunday times headline vid was quite farnie. most i had seen b4, but not the mock NDP ceremony, damn farnie the way they push the 'pres' out in a rubbish trolley.

so news going on in the football fraternity. never-ending one. i know, liverpool got their asses licked. but it's just plain unlucky bah. nvm, a gd jolt back into reality. rethink and reorganise.

A Japanese 1980s TV commercial for the Isuzu Gemini, note that no computer graphics were used for the dance sequences.

man.. keep hearing abt all those DK (drift kings), tokyo drift-spawned car enthusiasts, and the bloody irritating teriyaki boyz song. take this man.

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