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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


just update some random stuff.

my cousin got into rackey...poor him lah.

was in 5.s.i.r at bt panjang camp.. you'll be glad that you're not in the mono-intakes.. monos everywhere are having it real it combat engineers, infantry or wadever. the sound of them getting farked and all that is v v disturbing while u're doing ur work. it can go on forever.

just the other day, they had this standby operation.. my friends and me were like supposed to go arnd inspect their weapons one last time on the parade square..

then Ron took the saw and said something like.. 'it's kinda dirty' inside, while peering into the barrel. at this moment, our master trainer grabbed the rifle and looked thru it too..

"Yeah, abit dirty..."

And proceeded to write down the operator's name to sign extra..

we were like, what have you done man? lol...

sometimes getting caught in the middle is never fun. it's like the system needs u to report direct to ur superiors but u know that doing so can have grave consequences for everyone..

this is not a standalone incident liao.. chancing upon a *golden* thingy in the thing u're inspecting, what are u supposed to do?

report as usual..get everyone into hot soup? from the operator to pc to oc to co. everyone will die. really.

or just warn them and hush-hush?

kinda a big dilemma for us three trainees, just 1 month into our jobs.

ok.. end this post with a farnie gif animation.. saw it long ago on hwz on someone's siggy. but even till now seeing it brings on the laughter..



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