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Friday, January 05, 2007

happy 2007

long time no post everyone. just participated in today's A.D.O.C inauguration parade and i didn't know our mini,ster for def could be so long winded in his speech (i almost died while standing still -_-")

anyway, happy new year to all the peeps i haven seen in a while, including those that i wont see anytime soon lol. i would be going away on an overseas exercise soon at the end of jan so i wont be around (again), and that means i would miss the EPL matches during that period. damn. and just when man u was on its way to a glorious season. sob. (hopefully they dont screw up no more)

in the meantime, has anyone wondered what is love every once in a while? well, i've been to this site and it sure gave me some food for thought lol.


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