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Sunday, October 15, 2006

post intended for thurs 121006

Blogger chu stunt.. cannot publish this post..

Today, the M.P came to raid the camp we were attached to.. this is not the first time I should have kena this.. cos my parent Jurong camp also tio..but in the end i was attached out also.. thought it will be nice to share such experiences..

Just the usual stuff.. working.. then see those tonner, vehicles arrive..

but you know they aren't the usual visitor when everyone has a rope slinged across their right shoulders, with men in black leading dogs in hand. Alsatian, German Shepherd..and one cute poodle like dog.

basically, just anyhow whack liao. must cherish wadever time u haf b4 u're asked to fall in. some of our mp3s..handphone cams..mad scramble man.. i think some ppl.. akin to drug abusers getting raided by the authorities..

some just stuffed into their boots (didn't get caught, kinda surprised), and into their underwear. yeah..underwear.. those wear boxers jialat.. cannot *hold*

back then..when i was normal check by WSM.. lotsa attempts were foiled.. put on head hidden by jockey cap/beret all that.. easily detected. but this time round, not as stringent as i thought it to be.

my friends rode over the crisis, thanks god.. imagine kena caught for such stuff as a guest in other ppl's camp. malu one thing, getting f upside down by ur superiors is another thing altogether.

the M.P.s just guided the dogs around.. scan for drugs.. and searched for unauthorized stuff.. lotsa mp3 players, contraband ciggy found.. in lockers time to hide also.

the funny thing is, those malay storemen there..who're working with us in the armoury.. really have no idea who the M.P.s were man.. tot wad big fark.

they even just declare their contraband ciggy...mp3, cam phone in drawers..all leave there get caught without a fuss..think they really think nuttin much of DB. really funny.. some R.P ord-ing in nov, last week his CSM on course..he can go AWOL entire week.. now go DB. really cannot understand. really.

one guy's phone even got XXX the higher-ranking ones gave the juniors permission to view the entire thing.. then settle.

they'll take everything with them.. and ur 11b for identification..

the entire process took 2hours or so. all the while just seat on the road/parade square under the sun.. waiting for time to pass..

dunno wad's gonna happen to those in trouble..but they really dun give a damn.

lol.. i wonder what goes in their heads.


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