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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mr swee asked me to upate for a four way combo in a matter of 24 hours. might as well. guessed the last time i updated was months ago anw.

the nation's birthday. happy 41st singapore! wished i could be at the national stadium now... been years since i last attended the parade. that atmosphere was alluring, memorable. but no tix. and whats more we have to book in tonight anw, imagine rushing down to camp from the stadium... how pleasing. just parts and parcel of the fucked up life of a national servicemen. but perhaps on this day when the nation celebrates its evolution as a globalised island nation, we shall not forget the crucial part national service plays in the defence of the country's sovereignty.
so thats it. our life has to be fucked up in this two years, to put it crudely, for the sake of our motherland.

girls out there are embarking on their brand new uni life... be it overseas or locally. yet another brand new phase unfolds in the schooling years. days in the army(in my case the air force) really evokes reminiscence of the carefree days in school. u dun lose ur modesty, u dun get fucked upside down by other men who are no more than two years elder than you, u dun lose ur freedom, u dun do pushups like theres no tomorrow for silly mistakes you make; day after day u just make new friends, hang around with ur best pals, study a little, play a lot and in the blink of an eye year after year goes down memory lane. it is not surprising then that days in camp for now seemed like eternal years. look. 38 weeks of officer training term, i am only just halfway through when my counterparts had entered BMT, passed out of BMT, entered SISpec, passed out with their stripes, entered units or waiting to pass out fromm ASLC... I am still wearing that same three milky stripes on my shoulders that marks the license to be screwed by almost anyone in the SAF. Days are tough to go by, but still i have to push on. this is my fate really.

five more hours to booking in.


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