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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fan of England.

england's out of world cup. and the painful scale of judgment? penalties yet again. against portugal that is and one name spells heroics. RICARDO.

call him the jinx against england i say. a god-like performance to save portugal's blushes of an inability to capitalise on their one-man advantage. respect. for RICARDO purely i say.

watching the portugese in action yesterday, a great deal of respect has been lost. a lacklustre attcking display in front of goal with the absence of the influential deco, even the highly-rated c ronaldo and fading figo could conjure nothing but empty potshots off target. and so they resorted to playing dirty, particularly when frustrations set in with failure to capitalise on their numerical advantage on the field. the main culprit- ronaldo. cunning fellow. not mentioning the frequent hitting of the ground on the slightest of touches, he seems to dictate the theatrical display of the portugese, throwing occasional winks at scolari after earning undeserved free kicks and was the mastermind behind the turning point of the game. the sending off of wayne rooney. he seemed to have influenced the referee in flashing the red by accusing rooney of intentionally stamping on carlvalho while challenging for the ball. and rooney shoving him aside does not help matters when the marching orders were finally given. to me, that was purely a lost of balance by rooney in the challenge, never intentional. and wonder if it was only me who had noticed, the expression on rooney's face when ronaldo chose to step in and have a say in that incident was one which read disapoointment and anger, particularly that of being betrayed by a club teammate and friend. indeed, it is club ties and friendships aside come representation at the international level. and the next moment when the camera focused on ronaldo's face after rooney was sent off, it simply read guilt in my opinion, a certain uneasiness. perhaps he was just doing what ought to be done for the sake of his country. patriotism. how much the youngster had always loved to win games and score goals for his own country was always reiterated and yesterday, guess it was plain eveidence. even to the extent of winning it dirty.

this is football. not everyone can view every aspect of the game in the same light. especially when i am an england fan. but i believe the deserved winner of yesterday's game has got to be england. they had showed their fighting spirit and will to pull out that impressive draw till the final minutes of the game, and at points of time they had even come so close to turning the tables around all thanks to peter crouch and the teenage prodigy aaron lennon. to be dealt the death sentence with penalties, a repeat of history, is something too harsh for the side to bear. all has been spoken enough of eriksson's disinterest and lousy tactics, or beckham's incompetence, or doubts about crouch's abilities. what england had showed yesterday was their spirit and will to prove their worth and go against all odds. they might not have deserved the world cup afterall, but they truly deserved respect, at least more than portugal.


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