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Sunday, May 21, 2006

new beginning

Thats it. end of air force service term. moving on to the professional term after nine weeks in OCS. and my new abode? the air force school in paya lebar.

hmmm feels like a new beginning really. life in the air force has been a change of culture. call it slack if u want, if you have deemed the exclusion of army-style tekaning sessions and getting unnecessarily shagged out as equivalent to slacking. whatever it is, whats in store for me in the pro term will definitely not be a walk in the park. SOCs, route marches, outfield deployment exercises, FBOs, man-packing... ADA is the infantry of air force afterall eh. so perhaps after the seven weeks of "lax-jax" in service term, i will grow to love my long four SBO and helmet once again. ha.

tough training makes tougher man... wish i wouldnt end up complaining at the end of the day. afterall, i want to be crying on the day of commisioning to be honest. to shed tears of joy... and savour the sense of accomplishment after the really tough days you have been through. if the going doesnt get tough, no way will you relish the joy of completing the whole process when that golden bar gets affixed on your shoulder. that will be a pity no doubt.

so bring it on baby. let me be battered and torn :)


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