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Thursday, April 13, 2006

wah so long since i last posted. how ya guys doing man... hope swee and ten are enjoying bmt...
first two weekes in delta. wah piang quite shiong... 5 BX one and a half hour is no joke. but somehow u end up enjoying it in the end. perhaps the sense of accomplishment really. and the playing of trance music to pump up the tempo of the pushups reps.... quite cool eh. haha.
but guess wad. i got posted to AIR wing... air force that is after two weeks. WSO ADA. not that im complaining about the air force; in fact my interest lies in aviation really. but service term in AIR is damn sian. not kidding. lectures from 0730 to 1700. wtf la. getting weaker and weaker day by day. not what u ought to be in NS.
but at least pro term looks interesting. I- HAWK, MISTRAL, RBS-70, RAPIER, IGLA, 35MM GUNS... nvm if u haven heard of them. just tell me it sounds cool eh. basically shooting down the birds zooming at 9Gs in the sky. training is gonna be shiong, but sounds more rewarding than what it is now definitely.
thats about it. an update about me if you do bother... just keep this blog going la.


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