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Monday, March 13, 2006

ronald teo!
hibernating eh? knn... we are supposed to keep this blog going leh. i doing my part now to update new crap... you are next hor.

haha to the poor little swee in tekong: GOOD JOB LIVERPOOL.
captain gerrard has single-handedly presented the second place finish to MAN U. almost.
wtf. of all people gerrard. the only player i truly respect in pool. wadever it is, liverpool has cracked under pressure yesterday. first the red card for alonso. then the blunder of stevie G. they are definitely playing out of sorts ... not like the liverpool who held MAN U to a 0-0 finish. Alonso. an outrageous tackle that truly deserves a second yellow. but he chose to linger on the pitch and voicing his dissent to the ref, ended up being booed and jeered by highbury nia. wad the hell was he thinking of. just leave and get the game going la... afterall it was still 1-1 at that point of time and definitely a chance for pool to complete the comeback. but nah... the reds just disintegrated after that, and gerrard the ultimate villain to sum up the lacklustre display. and it definitely didnt help with peter crouch sending numerous clear opportunities on goal begging. jia lat sia, first the champions league exit... and then the premiership tumble. so now how little swee? haha... SUCK THUMB :)

and now the topic of the day. MAN U. rampaging through the newcastle defence almost every three mins in the game. no joke... one of the best displays i have seen from the devils so far. and so glad it came during my block leave haha. the 2-0 scoreline really didnt reflect the actual disparity in performance between the two teams. 10-o it could have been, with ronaldo, rooney and saha raining countless shots on shay given. and respect for given as he stood strong in the face of the red wave. pity rooney for not getting his first hat trick of the season. sian... the boy wonder was really mesmerising yesterday hor. just look at that little toe flick for the second goal. and that chip over shay given after peter ramage has does his damage in front of his own penalty box. SIA LA. no wonder hes the boy wonder. all these, without ruud van nistelrooy the ever potent threat in front of goal. haha. is this depth in the squad or wad? muahahahahaha.


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