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Saturday, February 18, 2006


somehow... NS is about the lesson of life, more than learning how to fight and defend your motherland.

something that really struck me in the two weeks of confinement cum field camp period was just how often do we actually learn to cherish the nitty grittys around us? how often do we realise the virtue of selflessness? and how often do we really appreciate the company of others?
six days in the outfield, in the sun, in the mud, in the heart of nature. no showers... just powder baths; no warm, fresh and cooked food but green ration packs and biscuits; candles and torches to find your way in the darkness... groundsheets in place of your bed.

and then u start to understand.

how wonderful a routine shower could be. how maggi mee could become a delicacy and how amazingly comfortable lying on your own bed could possibly get. never in my life have i realised how bright the moonlight actually was till then. beautiful it turned out to be.

and as we got dirty, smelly, itchy, shagged and most significant of all got screwed together as a platoon by the commanders who seemed more like mother-fuckers than ever, we are most glad we could be in this shit together.
glad that we could share our complaints; glad that we could sit down under the tree to talk cock in case we start missing home; glad that we have someone to exchange the ration packs with to avoid eating the same inedible menu everyday; glad that we have someone to hold the torchlight as we fill our bottles in the dark; glad that we all belong to the same "anti-sergeants" party; glad that we have someone to sing and cheer together with as the route march gets tiring; glad that we have someone as company to go pee in the vegetation in case anything unthinkable happens...

so glad that "no man is an island" rings true.

we shall learn to appreciate, cherish and be contented. learn to respect, to give so as to take from others.

so that at the end of the day, we shall learn to be a better man.


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