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Thursday, February 02, 2006

2020. it will be goodbye once again. back to the wretched island.

somehow more so than ever, i long to be missed.
by someone.
yesterday was nice, but a heart-wrenching conclusion it was to be.
a feeling of emptiness and loss.
and a struggle it would be to live with it.
for the half-a-month ahead, or perhaps longer than that.

as someone has put it, "an officer and a river separates lovers".
to boys and girls in love... how so true can this be... wish i could know.
to me, i say reminiscence of the beautiful days i once had.
but yet beautiful.

so as we get down tough and dirty once again,
and listen to the sound of planes soaring above our heads...
messengers they are to me,
calling for the remembrance of wonderful memories...
telling me how well my loved ones are back home.

and from this i shall garner strength,
to push on.
for the ones i cherish.
for brighter days ahead.


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