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Thursday, January 05, 2006


hmmm... i wonder who's the gei kiang kia who go cut botak as swee was talking about. but RESPECT for him :) cut already go in used to it liao mah... no need wear cap hide this hide that when u book out. faggots... so concerned with ur hair... gay ah? hahaha.

anw... really whoever's up there bless us all little boys hor. going in there, we may be mentally or physically prepared liao but still, guess its going to be tough. and i hope it will be, if not what's the point of NS? may we be groomed into better men. and with that i meant richer men as well. haha... around four hundred/ month for bmt... then specialist or OCS dunno la... more pay per month. scrimp and save... may i be ten thousand dollars richer come the end of the two years :)

good luck brothers... may be find some joy in the sian days ahead. hope two years pass like a breeze.


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