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Monday, December 19, 2005

Live It Love It... Hong Kong!

funny no one's writing bout the hk trip... bet everyone's dead tired after all that travelling? haha so here i am to kick start everthing... you people add on if i missed out on any eh.

JETSTAR ASIA. budget airlines... first time experience sia. dunno wad to expect at first. and then it turned out to be a teeny weeny baby plane... airbus 320. name sounds cool eh? but its not much more massive than a double decker bus really. twice its size maybe? really squeezy in there. you can call it cosy or wadever... but it all boils down to low cost travel ultimately. so as long as we are safely airbound and back on land after three hours to and fro, god bless.

Hong Kong is freaking chilly. the winter season. 14 degrees C. compare that with the 30 degrees of singapore and u know how much i have freezed. not really used to it... seemed to be losing my appettite over there. Dim Sum and the Roasted Goose... yummy good taste. but didnt really savour it much. what a pity. a nice culture of Yum Cha over at Hong Kong nonetheless. they sure know how to kick- start a brand new day in comfy fashion...

and then there's shopping. sylvia koh nearly bought the whole Temple Street, Garden Street, Women Street and wadever street there is. plenty of stuff for girls out there. guys too actually... and be sure to master a couple of price-slashing techniques in case u come out battered and bruised; cheated that is, since the storeowners are actually aiming to earn 200% profits. yup 200... especially Shenzhen where the situation is simply preposterous. see i got my eye on this bag that costs 280 hk dollars. freaking ex for a brandless imitation good i thought. and then i offered an equally ridiculous price of 100 hk since i thought i might not have it anyway... but the storeowner actually said yes! WTF!? anw i gave it up eventually haha. damn u cheaters trying to take a piece out of ignorant tourists.

SPA at shenzhen was shiok. QUEEN's SPA was the enterprise... and u bet we were treated like royalties as the name suggests. its hell of a good time to have people serving u every five little steps u take. u see the attendants are stationed at every corner of the passage, a bit over-staffed isn't it. but who gives a damn really? they even help you to change out of ur clothes! and no i dont mean they actually touched you... its clean.

Ocean Park is nice. Mine Train was hell of a roller-coaster ride.... for a wimp like me at least. breath-taking. the downslope dashes of the train throughout the whole course was certainly ball-shrinking i tell you. yelling my guts out man. pity that all the fun was a little ruined by this bunch of fucked-up Chinese tourists trying to jump our queue while we were waiting. spoiling all the excitement sia. dream on u asses. trying to shove me away? shove u back. muahahahah. eat my elbow u son of a bitch.

The Peak offers a scintillating bird's-eye view of the island. never mind the treacherous uphill hike, its worth it definitely. sometimes u really wonder how beautiful it will be if singapore also boasts of such mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. a step closer to nature. Bukit Timah nature reserve? no match. a tiny molehill it is in comparison.

five days whizzes past like a breeze. and then its home sweet home.
a brilliantly enjoyable trip it has turned out to be in another city which never seems to sleep.

ok. back to reality.


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