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Saturday, December 03, 2005


yup. curtains for the two years of JC life has been drawn up. 18 years of schooling in fact. the end of prom was a rather emotional affair i thought. no tears though, cos it isnt necessarily sad to part. rather, we are all advancing towards a brand new stage of our lives, guys entering the boys to men service while the ladies, university and then the workforce. its the part and parcels of growing up... eighteen years of schooling has groomed us into fine young men and ladies ready to contribute our worth to the nation. and it is also when the notion "all good things must come to an end" rings true. the ups of uniform-clad schooling, still fresh in our minds then would soon become distant memory and nothing more then a reminisce of the past. but beautiful memories of times spent with our friends and teachers are keeps precious enough to be worth treasuring forever. true that we might not be seeing one another possibly for the rest of our lives, but that doesnt mean we ought to or will be forgetting what we have been through together. friendships so strong to stand the test of time are what have been built, and to sit down together recollecting the past some twenty or thirty years later isnt something hard to picture really.

Hong my old friend... glad to see you well and the same old soul again after nearly two years. it has been real nice. and to the rest of my counterparts in VJC, hope to see all of you some time again soon. cheers.



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