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Saturday, November 19, 2005


an unfathomable sense of emptiness in the suddenly expanded span of leisure hours. pointless and aimless for most of the day as the clock ticks away....

no harm perhaps... too much time to spare anyway. the incessant mugging has certainly taken its toll to be so unused to freedom. continue studying anybody? damn you.

i need food. got sudden urge to eat a whole mountain.
anything will do... cos i am hungry. you name it i eat it.

and no i dont eat dark-coloured excretions...

wah piang PSC nite on tv now. STUPID SHOW. Chen Shu Chen is not funny. The other two hosts also not pretty one... uninteresting content. PSC corp just trying to glamourise and promote themselves. enough is enough... how many successive seasons liao you ass. showcasing talents of the younger generation is a good idea. but not dolled-up three or four year-old infants!!? they cant f**kin sing for goodness sake. yelling into the mike is torture, not entertainment. no way are they possibly glamour-hungry when all they can derive pleasure from are toys, cartoons and food. parents are just eyeing the coveted prize-money... poor kid.



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