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Sunday, November 06, 2005


sia la... A's on tue officially. much-awaited? much-awaited to be over more likely haha. best of luck to all people out there. may all slackers unite to show our true prowess this time round. not that i am so confident of doing well.. lets just say i am much more prepared as compared to prelims. or am I? maybe enough is never enough. what a paradox... to those who can mug all the way till depression sets in, bet you know what i meant.

chelsea-man u tonight. major distraction leh. but you must have had a screw loose in your head if you intend to give it a miss. for the devils and blues fans at least. as much as man u looks unlikely to topple the runaway leaders, there is still a glimmer of hope right? lets be optimistic, even the once greatest Roman empire could shatter into rumbles, why not ROMAN (haha)
ABRAMOVICH's so called Chelsea empire in the league.

pray hard... for the revival of MAN U and acing the coming A's. that would be double happiness really.

-absolutely MAN U-


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