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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


this is it. im done.

on hindsight, the As seem to pass like a breeze. two years of mugging like a dog for the pathetic two weeks (in my case a mere eight days)... for a certificate that makes and breaks people with nothing but alphabets in print. thats meritocracy for you. reality.

A's sure are hard... not as easy as expected. maybe becos this year MOE decided to ga jiao and chap ji ka in the setting of the papers, end up pushing the standard from past years to a high. thats what i thought ha. really think its tough leh... but whatever it is, whats over is gone for good. now im free like a bird :)

plenty of plans after As ringing around me eh. dye hair, pierce ear, pierce stomach pierce everywhere, eat, sleep, play, movies, dolling urself up for grad... there is sure a hell lot of time... but has anyone ever considered the plight of a poor man like me? if i have a hell lot of money sure i can do a hell lot of stuff, but a lack of it... haha constraints constraints... need to work out cost savings plan liao.

anyway this has marked the end of JC life. time for reflections...

chiobus! HAHAHA. sia la INSTINCT.

haha no la. a memorable two years.
friends, teachers, basketball, studies, slacking, the library, lectures, LTs 1 3 4 5 (wheres 2 btw?), memorable people, places, times...

to everyone who has stepped into my life in one way or another... Thank You.



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