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Friday, September 16, 2005

So Tired.

thats it. the first week of exams over. somehow the holiday mood has welled up in me... already. a heck care attitude for the rest of the exams? maybe... considering how bad it already was for this week, how much worser can it get come the next? i want 4 Ds for prelims, maybe on track... most likely not. i dunno, cant be too optimistic though. somehow a certain degree of numbness towards the all along mediocre results of mine has drained all emotions there could possibly be out of me, sadness and disappointment that is. low expectations maybe for you out there, i just wanna be practical and true to myself though.

feeling really down this week...

non-stop mugging + exams + Man u 1-1 Man City+ Man U 0-0 Villareal + Rooney red-carded + Not enough sleep + Recurring Sinus = Bad Week

and something seems to be missing.
people.... feelings... emotions...?
no idea.



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