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Saturday, September 24, 2005

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its the self-declared holiday period after the prelims finally... free and easy and a load off my back. for some time at least. so here i am rotting at home, trying to conjure something meaningful to do out of this suddenly expanded span of leisure time available.

hurricane Rita on the strike! poor texas... somehow we should count our lucky stars to not be at the mercy of such episodal natural disasters. imagine having your home swept away in an instant and dying a gruesome painful death with your bloated and rotten-beyond-recognition body floating about the flooding waters waiting to be collected and sent for identification by your beloved family. damn...... utter devastation no doubt. God bless America.

ok so i read the papers. been some time really, feeling so detached from the world nowadays. sigh. then jammed on my PS2 controller with Fifa 2004. outdated. no shows on the Tv... so sian. so as a last alternative im back online after my sis left for her date to vacate the com. and even as im typing this im yawning like siao. so f***ing bored.

maybe i should start mugging again for the coming As you say?

damn you.

-I love Tifa-


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