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Sunday, August 14, 2005

a stroll in the PARK...

so this is it... the much anticipated EPL season of 2005/06 has kicked off... and what a start it was. for now, only one name resonates in every corner of the street... PARK JI SUNG.

who the hell says that asians are lacking the level of competence in a world-class league like the EPL? look at Park's debut performance against Everton. Blistering runs, delicate first touches that leaves defenders eating dust and that unbelievable stamina, to say that he is not up with the big boys will be an unjust derogation of his true finesse. the Blues are sure getting the blues from park in goodison park. (hahaha...)

and then there are the triple Rs. Ruud, Rooney and Ronaldo... (not forgetting Ryan giggs eh?) MAN U is back in business...


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