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Friday, August 26, 2005


about time... this blog has been stagnant for quite a while sia, luckily ten kept the ball rolling with his... err... belligerent content? chill out man ten.

anyway, this wk has neared its conclusion and woah, wad a week it was. plenty of ups and downs... probably one most reminiscing in the whole of my jc life. to those who are real close to me, you know what i meant :) ron and via, really thanx a lot for ur help... will treat you to something good i promise after A's wadever the outcome.

GP on mon... then a couple of study wks and the real thing! shit man im not prepared. wadever goes into my mind leaks out the next day.... must really mug like dog already. haha... but to share something funny, that day Rong ma came up to me, swee and ten and shared her golden words of advice: " school one not important one la... the As is the real thing ". hahah, not an attitude i will adopt even though there is indeed an extent of truth in it. but anyway, thanx the ever-friendly Rong ma for taking a bit of that burden off at least.



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