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Friday, August 05, 2005

fly away

so long since i last posted... but even so, im not gonna be like some freak who loves writing freaking long entries so that we can waste a hell lot of our time scrutinizing his crap. stop it if you havent realised that you are wasting blogger resources SK.

anyway, bet the exams are burning hot on our heels, the mugging fever everywhere in school... so pressurizing. i must say that the college looks so dead nowadays, everyone's just burying their heads in lecture notes at every corner of the school. well not that this isnt what we ought to do at this point of time... but going to school these days just isn't fun. NOTHING to look forward to... lectures? tutorials? even canteen food sux. then back at home, it is the same old routine of homework, revision and fearful speculations when the motivation and efficiency to drill concepts into my head is simply lacking. much as i dun wish to remember, it is hard to forget how much nearer we are to the prelims every single day. failure to grasp any concepts during lectures nowadays are certainly distressing. inflicting a little bit too much pressure on myself i suppose... but who wouldnt be?

i am almost breathless, yet a break is a luxury i cant pretty much afford...


make me believe.



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