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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Where is the love?

i had enough of little swee... wasting so much damn space for a blog entry... think you are funny ah? tmd...

anyway little swee showed me his beloved *toilet paper* (newpaper la) today. on the headlines were of course non other than the NKF scandal issue. apparently, people had vandalised the exterior of the NKF building to express their discontent and anger. yeah... the words sure were harsh, calling CEO Mr D a "liar", "cheat" or simply in hokkien a "dua pian sian". haha, thats funny, but laughter aside, the impact of this scandal on the reputation of this supposedly the most well-recognised and successful charitable organisation is nonetheless cataclysmic.

mishandling of the people's funds by the executive board for car perks, ravishing building refurbishments, business-class travel entitlements and of course the $600 000 pay cheque for Mr D is morally unacceptable and unnecessary in my perspective, considering that more patients could have been aided with these funds redirected for a more proper cause. and to mislead the public that the foundation's reserves of 128 million could only last for another three years when in fact it could have lasted for at least 30? tell me, where does the moral integrity of NKF lies?

other orchestrated frauds of the organisation needs none of my further elabobaration... its sure well-known by many now that it has become the hottest issue in town, and we as a societal body of the nation ought to be ashamed of it. in addition to the above scandal, the incorporation of lucrative rewards for donors in major donation drives on national tv simply questions the truthfulness of Singaporean hearts to do charity altogether. just where does the humanity in us lies? shouldn't a charitable effort be one that needs and asks for no returns?

the evident losers at the end of the day ought to be me and you alike, and most regrettably, the patients who are receiving critical aid from such charity organisations. heart-wrenching efforts by the patients to fight for survival could well be deterred by our eventual reluctance to continue our monetary donations as a result of a loss in trust in NKF. this ought to be enough to call for some repents Mr D :)

- Han -


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