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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sian 3/4

HAHAHA! peanuts and TT Durian! i sure am laughing my balls off man! quite some stuff you have conjured eh?

btw welcome on board Ten. and Tak Sum Bong your head la... can choose a better name or not? like maybe Anthony? : )

alright, enough outrage on the NKF thingy. lets just say that Mr D has had his just deserts... so lets be appeased and not forget what NKF has set out to accomplish- to provide help for the patients. let it not be the end of NKF i hope. but yeah, D sure is the scapegoat for the executive board as a matter of fact man. having his reputation stained and hounded for immediate resignation... poor soul. not taking sides here, but he ought to be recognised for his commendable efforts over the years spearheading the charity organisation much as he should be condemned for his so called "misdeeds", as some might put it. seems like the bad always beleaguer our minds more than the good is appreciated.

anyway, results for my common test were devastating. not that i expected four As though, but such an outcome at this stage really leaves little shimmer of hope for revival come prelims and the As. i am running out of time...



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