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Monday, July 11, 2005

Little Swee aka eGoistIc and Big Han

aiyo... cant wait to hear from me is it? bet you are the more gay one. actually set up this blog to see how much more atrocious stuff about yourself you can write... and wow, i have got exponential returns :) you think the world out there really bothers to know about little swee ah? dream on la... what a joke. people only want to know more about me, including you eh? keep on kb-ing about me not posting a blog yet. right, be patient...

anyway please do not be affected by little swee's crap if you still possess a discerning mind. write what feedback on newspaper article... think you knowledgeable ah? thought all you used to read was THE NEWPAPER and never can do without it like its toilet paper? hmmm... looks like you have finally learnt to differentiate news from tabloids eh :)

haha, nonsense aside, this blog is not created purely to niao little swee one la, even though its IN MY BLOOD to do that...
its for self-entertainment for the both of us (and no, we are not gays) or your viewing pleasure if you ever find all these entertaining :) (bet something's wrong with you when that happens)
and if you ever wish to join crapping stop as a premium member (now you really has got a screw loose in your head), you are cordially invited.


- Han -


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