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Sunday, July 24, 2005


havent blogged for quite some time. well, life is as boring as it is... whats there to share anyway? yeah i did my tutorials, studied a bit here and there.... crap.

anyway, woah looks like the vocational assignment is troubling all you paranoids out there. afterall its only a vocational assignment what. commandos or NDU, dun wanna go then dun perform during the thing can already lor. thats what i thought haha. i haven checked my mailbox though for this further reporting order. definitely not NDU (naval diving unit) i presumed cos i will sink in fifty metres, much less dive... and hopefully not the red berets cos i dun want to get dunked to death. no....

armour could be fun, driving the big tanks around and going on a "vroom vroom" rampage to knock everyone down... or maybe signals where you can shoot fireworks in the middle of the night deep in a jungle somewhere... beautiful :) haha... im sure its that easy.

prelims in like fifty days time? thats 4 320 000 seconds to be exact. every second that ticks away is an inch closer to a slit in my throat... which makes me wonder what the hell am i still doing here. hmmm...



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